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Contacting Us...

If you want to submit an example, a bug, a bugfix, request a feature, etc. you can do it via this two ways (the second one is prefered)


Contact me via e-mail with subject sarting with [x86mph] at:


Use the the project's page

If you submit code...

Please give detailed information about what your code makes and put your funcs. in separated files (headers and source) if you want to put them under another license or your name in the copyright (from that file)

Remember that if someone else translate your code to other language (for example you wrote and submitted an function in C, and somebody submits then a func. that makes the same in MMX) it will be copyrighted to him (of course the "old" functions you wrote will be still under your copyright)
Please be nice and use the LGPL license. But license MUST be OSI-approved.
If you have more questions, suggestions or problems with this, mail me
You can also help us not only by coding, but also writing examples, documentation, reporting bugs, designing new logos or images, etc.

To requests:
Note: You can also use the “request” feature through the project's homepage
You can mail me with subject "code requests" and we will try to make you an accelerated code of your function.
You send us a function written in C or C++ (no other language yet) with an explanation of what it does, what is it used for, and other useful information. Remember that it is very important when translating to ASM code (specially when using the SIMD technology) to know how it works.
Please be CLEAR, C/C++ code should be with a lot of notes (if possible) and don't put everything in one line or something similar. You may even change your own code to make it clear for use. We will reply in all cases (rejected, accepted, we will try, etc.) but don't be happy if we accept, it is hard to develop ASM code and worse if it is something that wasn't written by us. Of course you don't have to send your code in the first mail (may be you have a question or something first)
You may receive status about the translation (such as the remaining time to finish, how fast is it against the original, etc) via e-mail.
We only accept translating code to x86 or x87 instructions
Remember that, since we are not paid developers, we do this in our free time. If the function is important (or you need it urgently, explaining us the reason) we might give you special priority.

Note that the ASM code will be first* inserted to the x86mph library and will be copyrighted under LGPL license, the fate of the original C/C++ code you sent us will be your decision.

*To avoid copyright or other legal issues, you will receive your translated code by downloading the library from the official site, but you will be notificated via e-mail about the new x86mph version with your function.